Ultra-light Fly Woven Mesh Elevator Shoes Sneakers 6.0 cm

There is an old saying, “Women look at bags, men look at shoes.” Indeed, a pair of exquisite workmanship, sophisticated materials, clean and stylish shoes can reflect a man’s attitude and taste of life. As a part of clothing, shoes play a major role in the overall image of people. Different time, different occasions, a pair of decent and stylish male Elevator Shoes Sneakers can better demonstrate the temperament and charm of men. Men must take classes to tell you about the purchase and matching of men’s shoes.

Costume matching can reflect a man’s demeanor, aesthetic ability and cultural taste. The Ultra-light Fly Woven Mesh Elevator Shoes Sneakers 6.0 cm has a principle that the shoes must be integrated with the costumes to achieve overall harmony. The combination of shoes and pants is one of the keys to overall dressing. It is necessary to pay attention to the matching of shoes and pants in style and shape, and the matching of colors. The key to matching shoes and pants is shoe shape, shoe clip and pants shape, and pants. The geometric shapes are similar.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The classic high-end leather shoes with straight trousers are the most insured, but you need to remember that when paired with straight trousers, no matter how suitable these shoes are for you, you must make the bottom of the trousers enough to cover the Elevator Sneakers. surface. The peas shoes are more delicate, and the long-legged wide-leg pants are taboo. You can choose narrow-leg casual lengths, pants, cropped trousers, shorts, etc. High-topped platform shoes with sneakers or camouflage pants can look rough and handsome.

 The safest way to match is to use the same color combination of Elevator Sneakers and pants, with the same color or smooth transition of the pants is the most basic rule to ensure the overall harmony of the dress. Only one color is used, but the color is different in light and shade. Different shades and shades can be used to give a harmonious and layered rhythm. Black, white, and gray are the eternal colors, and the trousers can choose these three colors, so no matter how complicated the color combination of the overall dress, they can be dissolved into it.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The Elevator Shoes can only be a supporting role, the supporting role of the supporting role, the light can not cover the protagonist, but must match the protagonist 100%, in order to perfectly present the unified look of the whole scene. If you are a low-key slang, don’t like to be handsome, and not a rough style, then please remember that “do not ask for merit but ask for nothing”, do not let others see your shoes at first sight, it is recommended to choose cool color.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

If you are the forerunner of the trend, advocate personality, publicity, and make a difference, then let the shoes become the focus, a pair of handsome male Elevator Shoes will make your trend suddenly increase. Bright colors, exaggerated styles, alternative fabrics, etc. are the keys to the eye-catching effect of shoes, but remember that the style of shoes and clothes is best unified, at least not too awkward.