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Business Dress Leather Hollow Breathable Invisible Shoes For Short Men

Modern Shoes For Short Men suits are basically formed according to the traditional habits of European men’s clothing, and their dressing behavior has certain etiquette significance. For example, the double-breasted suit gives a solemn and formal feeling, and is often worn on formal occasions, suitable for formal Ceremonies, conferences, etc.; single-breasted suits are common in wearing places, and should be used as professional suits or casual suits in life.

Wearing two buttons of suits and buckles means solemnity, without buckles, it means that the atmosphere is arbitrary; three button suits are buckled on the middle one or the top two are solemn, no buckle means harmony; one button suit with buckle and no buckle The difference is solemn and non-serious. In addition, the form of the suit above the two buttons, taboo all the buttons.

Shoes For Short Men

In the combination of the suit and the shirt, the hem of the shirt should be placed in the trousers. After the installation, the shirt collar and cuffs are about 1-2cm longer than the outerwear. A clean white or white long-sleeved shirt with a refreshing blue stripe is essential for basic clothing accessories. Please note:Business Dress Leather Hollow Breathable Invisible Shoes For Short Men and the neckline and cuffs should not be worn on the body as soon as they are stained. It is necessary to wash the shirts that are clean and ironed.

The overall suit with a solid color and a darker color is suitable for a variety of occasions. Because Chinese people are yellowish in color, they should choose yellow, green and purple when choosing colors. They should choose dark blue, dark gray warm color, neutral color and so on. Men with darker faces can choose between light and neutral colors.

Shoes For Short Men

The top of the bright bag is only suitable for wearing on more casual occasions, and the top of the bag is suitable for formal occasions. Dark socks can be worn in dark suits or in light suits. Light-colored socks can be worn with light suits, but not with dark suits. Avoid using white socks with a suit. The principle of the length of the socks is not long.

Black leather shoes are shoes that can be worn with any dark color suit. Gray shoes should never be worn with dark suits, and light Height Increasing Shoes can only be worn with light suits. Patent leather shoes should only be worn with dresses. People who wear bright shoes will look particularly glamorous and easy to give a good impression. Dirty shoes should not be elegant.

Shoes For Short Men

Dark suits can be worn with dark belts, while light suits can be worn with deep and shallow belts. In addition, the color of the belt should be coordinated with the Height Increasing Shoes. Insert bag towel: the icing on the cake, the color does not have to be the same as the tie, as long as the material is soft enough, it is natural to put it in the bag and wear it. Even a white handkerchief can still be competent, but it can’t be broken. The slate is inserted in the bag, otherwise it is easy to be called “old soil.” Also used to decorate the “bag towel”.