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Men’s Dress Black Inner Luxury Elevator Shoes 7CM

Generally, people with short legs and long legs will be accompanied by a thick neck and a large neck. The overall adjustment can be made with attention to some details. So don’t focus on your legs. The general purpose of dressing is two words: moderate Luxury Elevator Shoes.

This means that the mentality must be adjusted first, and the shortcomings of the body should be accepted. The adjustment is to enhance the spirit, not to cover it. Another important point is to know how to choose the good inner shoes, Men’s Dress Black Inner Heightening Shoes 7CM, and the reasonable matching clothes. The direct matching of clothes and shoes is also very particular. This can avoid attracting attention because you care too much. First of all, the collared clothes are always better than the round neck clothes. Because the collar not only adds a vertical line to the upper body, but also looks more slender in the neck, is the gospel of the person with a big neck. If the neck is long, the upper body is short, and the legs are long.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

Secondly, collar Luxury Elevator Shoes are more suitable for stuffing into pants than collarless T-shirts. It’s imaginable that the plug is still not stretched. It’s imaginable. The place where the moderate spirit is here comes: Where is the waist? Too low appears to be short, too high will attract inappropriate attention.

Let’s talk about the color below. The color of the clothes is also a place to reflect the moderate spirit. We all know that light colors are large and dark colors are small, so the long upper body can be visually reduced with slightly darker clothes. But the color is too deep to bring another problem: it looks like a narrow head and shoulders. I think this should also be something that men are not happy to see.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

The color of the sample is as shown in the figure. If the skin is yellowish or black, you can choose a yellowish and darker dress to improve the skin tone. Don’t easily challenge the cool colors of blue and purple. People with long body are easy to buy clothes, please be sure to use shoulders as a reference Elevator Shoes, don’t buy big or too small tops. The right shoulder line can look upright and spirited.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

Although the trousers are selected according to the waist circumference, the trousers cannot be too fat or too narrow. Too fat is obviously wide and short. If it is too narrow, then how long the legs will be exposed. In particular, over-fertilization usually means too long. Some people do not cut off the excess part and let them pile up on the instep. The whole body feels moving down the center, especially the legs are short Elevator Shoes.