Grey Layered Out Sole Structure Men’s Elevator Casual High Shoes 6CM

Some inner heightening shoes are as comfortable as flat shoes, while some inner Elevator Casual Shoes are as uncomfortable as high heels and even affect health. So how do you choose to increase your shoes?

A look cortex: good elevator shoes Grey Layered Out Sole Structure Men Elevator Casual Shoes 6CM will use genuine calfskin leather first layer of skin and other high-quality production, but the market is more than some no-name shoddy elevator shoes, claiming It is the top layer of leather, but the actual use of recycled leather or shaved leather or artificial leather, its shortcomings are not breathable, easy to fold, inelastic, hard leather, short life. How to identify true and false cortex, the simple way is to press down by hand, there will be very fine and very irregular irregular lines, this is cowhide, if it is very light, no lines or lines are thicker, most of them are leather Or two skins.

Elevator Casual Shoes

Second, look inside the shoes: This is what many people will ignore. The market includes ordinary Elevator Shoes. Generally, the leather shoes below 400 are mostly leather or gauze. It is very simple to identify this. Look carefully at the back of the shoe, that is, above the instep. One piece, a good piece of shoes is a woolen leather material, and the difference shoe is this gauze or smooth leather. The biggest difference between the inner leather and the leather is that the leather has good air permeability and is not easy to rub or stinky!

Elevator Casual Shoes

Third, increase the high-rise: the Elevator Shoes are now imported PU high-rise, curved curve design with the foot shape, the insole is made of one yard and one mold, with high elasticity, but will not sink. At the same time, it has a comfortable curve design, which conforms to the physiological characteristics of the human body and is naturally comfortable to wear.

And the difference in the increase in the number of shoes is called nano or other materials, and the actual use of such as foam, wood and other inferior materials, or even hand-cut out, is simply simple, just put on hard and uncomfortable, not only will sink, resulting in left and right feet The height is uneven, and it feels like the feet are empty, and the feeling of high heels that are obviously leaning forward is not good for the health of the feet.

Elevator Casual Shoes

Four look at the soles: the soles of good heightening shoes are made of high-quality rubber or polyurethane. Such soles are more wear-resistant and durable, while the poorly-increased shoes use cheap soles, which are extremely easy to wear and even break the bottom.