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New Soft Round Head Retro Casual Leather Lifting Shoes 6.5 cm

Many consumers who have contacted our Lifting Shoes brand, most people have a doubt: Is the shoes more healthy for the body? In order to eliminate consumers’ doubts, we would like to specially invited to increase the number of shoes R & D personnel today, to tell everyone about the increase in the original, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the increase in shoes, to eliminate everyone’s doubts about the increase in shoes.

Overall design, New Soft Round Head Retro Casual Leather Shoes 6.5 cm Using the human foot structure and the principle of “human physiological mechanics”, adopting the structure of hidden heel design and flat appearance, moderately heightened in the shoe, supplemented by curve And the elastic form, so it is comfortable to wear, without the feeling of uncomfortable discomfort in ordinary Lifting Shoes, and the height immediately increases by 5-13 cm, which makes people feel tall and majestic, and the style and the new look. The appearance is the same as ordinary leather shoes, which makes people not see the secret of increase, but also makes people feel the comfort of twelve points.

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Because the high-rise part is designed by the scientific “human mechanics” curve, and is made of the world’s advanced soft, hard and light materials, the upper and the inner layer are made of leather, in the production process, the Elevator Shoes to introduce a full set of advanced equipment production, so the product and service reputation is guaranteed.

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The six characteristics of the increase in shoes: the invisible heightening appearance is the same as ordinary leather Elevator Shoes, built-in high-rise, can increase the human body 5-13 cm invisibly. Lightweight and breathable, the upper layer is light and flexible, which can help the shock absorption and protect the human brain and other organs. The shoe has an air circulation system, which can function as a ventilation inside the shoe, which can prevent moisture and deodorize. . The style is complete and the appearance is novel and novel. There are a series of male and female shoes in the interior. There are many styles of single, cotton and sandals. The height is increased into a series.

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The design science has a reasonable curve design. The inside of the shoe is increased according to the structure of the human foot and the mechanical force. The level is consistent with the sole of the foot. There is no feeling of discomfort worn by ordinary high heels. The versatility can correct the body, improve the habit of hunchback, bend over, make people straight and chest, and confident; especially suitable for people with flat feet (adding a high level is equivalent to adding a foot arch). All quality shoes are made of suede or medium calf leather.