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Fashion White Invisible Heightening Men’s Ankle Height Increasing Boots 6CM

If the popularity of baseball jackets and basketball vests was only the result of the application of sports elements in ready-to-wear design, then Chanel and Christian Dior asked the models to wear sneakers at the launch of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Clothing is tantamount to a subversive revolution. It means that sneakers have become a fashion item, not a choice that people can put on before going out in the rainy days or when they are too lazy to dress up.

Today, in the eyes of Lane Crawford’s stylists, the tide is worn by a Givenchy top, Alexander Wang’s bottoms, and a pair of Fashion White Invisible Heightening Men’s Ankle Height Increasing BootsS 6CM New Balance running shoes.

height increasing boots

Yes, maybe you also noticed that New Balance’s retro jogging Height Increasing Boots suddenly appeared in the footsteps of countless young people chasing trends, and often appeared in street shooting or fashion magazines. This brand, which has always advertised itself as “president jogging shoes”, seems to have changed from politicians and marathon athletes’ equipment to tides overnight.

The Boston-based sports shoe brand is not a company, so the specific sales figures are not known. But according to a person close to New Balance, New Balance’s sales in China are doubling in 2012 and 2013.

height increasing boots

In the face of the surge in sales over the past two years, New Balance’s management in China feels that “happiness is too sudden”. Because before this trend was detonated, they seemed to have done nothing.

To explore the popular path of New Balance, I have to start with another Italian shoe brand, Ash.

height increasing boots

“The reason why elevator boots last forever, I think because it can bring confidence to every woman. Everyone wants to have beautiful lines and attractive heights after putting on their shoes. What I did was to put this kind of The combination of pursuit and comfort is better suited to the trend of leisure and leisure,” Patrick Lither told Financial Weekly.

height increasing boots

Five years ago, the loose pants and a pair of large Nike Air Force 1 sneakers were fashionable for European and American pop singers. In 2011, this style was outdated, and everyone stuffed themselves into tight-necked pants. In order to make the overall shape more balanced, the matching elevator boots have also changed from a wide-legged basketball shoe to a slender narrow running shoe. New Balance’s shoe design meets this requirement.