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Cowhide Embryo Business Loafers Elevator Dress Shoes 6.5 CM

How much do you know about Cowhide Embryo Business Loafers Height Increase Shoes 6.5 CM, which is not worn everyday? In fact, there are many types of Lok Fu shoes. Lok Fu Elevator Dress Shoes can be roughly divided into three categories, including penny loafers, tassel loafers, and horsebit loafers. Whether you’re talking about business at work or dating a girl, it’s the best choice for you, easy to put on and take off, comfortable and versatile without losing the sense of elegance.

There are classifications of Lok Fu shoes? ? Many men may have doubts, but before introducing the classification, Jun Jun will briefly introduce what kind of shoes are called Le Fu shoes. The original English word for Lok Fu shoes is “Loafer”, the original meaning of the word “loaf” refers to a leisurely lifestyle, and Loafer represents a group of people with such a relaxed lifestyle, Lok Fu Elevator Dress Shoes are suitable for Different styles of wear, like Japanese tooling style, simple tooling shorts with neatly tailored white shirts, plus a wide brim hat, Japanese style and British style collide with each other, creating a different spark.

Elevator Dress Shoes

Loafers mostly refer to flat shoes or low-top shoes without laces. The materials are probably patent leather, cowhide, suede, etc., and different designers have designed various color systems according to the changes of the public’s vision. The characteristic is easy to wear and take off, very suitable for summer, a bit like being old Beijing shoes. Penny loafers (penny loafers) A strap across the upper, with a diamond-shaped cut, just inside can fit a penny coin, so called penny loafers. It is said that a group of college students in the United States put coins in the incision for the convenience of making phone calls, and penny loafers began to flourish. Penny loafers can be said to be the most basic of loafers, simple and elegant, not only suitable for daily wear of office workers, it is also a good choice for daily travel, easy to match a variety of clothing styles. A strap across the upper has a diamond-shaped cut on it, which can just fit a penny coin, so it is called a penny loafer.Tassel loafer (tassel loafer) The upper is relatively clean, with a tassel as a decoration on the tongue. The design of this shoe originated from the World War II period, and the society is full of waste. There are always some upper-class people who want to change it. They designed this loafer. Later, this shoe was gradually brought into the fashion circle. Compared with traditional Elevator Dress Formal, the tassel loafers look quite elegant with formal dresses. They are very suitable for the gentlemen in Europe at that time. They are also very versatile in daily life and the materials are very particular.

Elevator Dress Shoes

The horsebit loafers have a metal clasp on the upper, inspired by the horse claws worn by horses in equestrian competitions. This shoe is actually a shoe designed by gucci. Today, it has surpassed the concept of the brand and has become a shoe type alone. Its historical significance is very significant. The most worth mentioning here is the suit. Loafer Elevator Dress Formal are formal, they don’t lose elegance and connotation at the same time, and they are also very compelling, which is worth learning for office workers.

Elevator Dress Shoes

For office workers, loafers are indispensable, and they are very harmonious with the suit. Pants can choose high-waisted cropped trousers, while exposing the ankle, it is still visually very tall. The overall style is full of British style, but also with a touch of gentleman taste.